Keep your shirts (and the environment) fresh- AIR dry! – w8train

Keep your shirts (and the environment) fresh- AIR dry!

It's always a gamble when you order a shirt online, right? With some apparel companies you are a medium, others a large. The worst is when you get a new shirt and it fits PERFECT, and then it shrinks in the dryer and barely covers your navel.

Our t-shirts run pretty true to size. Our friends that typically wear a medium find they are also a medium. But even blend shirts that have only a portion of cotton can still lose some size in the dryer.

Keep your shirt fitting great wear after wear. Simply don't put them in the dryer. Don't want to get that "hanger" curving around the shoulders by hanging them up damp? A low cost space saving drying rack is a great option to hang a few garments.

Of course air drying ALL your clothes would be quite a chore, but keeping your W8TRAIN t-shirt, and maybe a few others, out of your dryer can still save energy. Let's say that keeping a few shirts out of the dryer means your dryer is done four minutes faster. If you do wash twice a week, that is 8 minutes a week, or 416 minutes a year. If your dryer runs about 45 minutes a time, that's 9.2 full dryer cycles you avoid each year.

So lift, laugh, love, and save some energy!