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W8TRAIN Slogan Contest- help us create a slogan and win $50!

Hey there W8TRAIN followers, we have some exciting news!

We want to thank YOU for all of your support in the community, and we want to invite you to be a part of helping us develop a slogan that will encapsulate what our brand is all about!

So we are launching a contest to help us create our slogan...

Parameters and Guidelines

We could sit here and create a slogan ourselves, but our brand is really about you and we want to hear your ideas! The slogan should be short and easy to communicate, but creative and inspiring.

Some examples to help get the ol' brain working are:

 “Lift up the World”-  conveys weightlifting as well as supporting each other which is what our brand is all about.

"Stay Hungry"- conveys the never ending self improvement quest we all have embarked on, and the goal to always improve

The slogan should not be a basic statement about our products, so stay away from simple phrases like “Workout gear for the gym”.

TAKE OUT OF BLOG POST AND ADD TO VIDEO And definitely don't go with Jason's idea of "I train, you train, we all train with W8 train".

All kidding aside, we are looking for something that will help us motivate and inspire others. Some questions to think about as you help us come up with a slogan:

  • How has working out at the gym or home impacted your life?
  • What kind of feeling do you get after a good workout?
  • How does the workout equipment you come in contact with on a daily basis make workouts easier for you?

How to submit your entry

To submit an entry, comment on a W8TRAIN Facebook or Instagram post related to this contest, email your idea to team@w8train.com, or text (352) 888-0664 with your idea (be sure to also text your name so we know who you are!). If multiple people submit the same slogan during the contest duration and that slogan is chosen as the winner, we will go by timestamp of comment, time of email, or time of text to determine who was the first to submit it, and that person will be the winner. Multiple entries of different slogans by the same person are allowed so if you have several ideas, share all of them!

Winning prize

If we choose your submission to be our official slogan, it will be featured on the W8TRAIN web site and marketing, and YOU will win $50 and a free W8TRAIN t-shirt designed with your slogan.

If we end up not going with any slogan from this contest, we will still pick our favorite one and award a $25 cash prize.

By submitting an entry in this contest, you agree that if chosen as the winner, W8TRAIN becomes copyright holder of said slogan.

The contest begins August 21st and runs to September 14th. Contact team@w8train.com with any questions, and go set a PR in creativity!