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  • 3 Pack W8TRAIN Hip Bands Set

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    Professional Design - The W8TRAIN Hip Bands are designed with the latest poly-cotton technology to provide soft, durable fabric. The rubber interior lining offers a non-slip workout, so you will not have to adjust or deal with our bands rolling up in the middle of your exercise.

    Durability - Since the W8TRAIN Hip Bands are created from fabric and not cheap rubber like many other hip bands they will never break. Even after continued use you wont have to worry about a W8TRAIN Hip Band snapping and hitting you, or someone else, during your workout. 

    Versatility - W8TRAIN Hip Bands are perfect for a home workout or for additional resistance to your current gym-based routine. The poly-cotton bands are ideal for training hips, thighs, glutes, and abs. The three bands are designed to offer a range of resistance levels for beginners and advanced lifters alike. Two bands can also be used at one time to offer even greater resistance to build thicker muscles.

    Multi-Use – Our resistance bands offer increased effectiveness to help you achieve your fitness goals during stretching, Pilates, yoga, weightlifting, bodyweight workouts or fitness programs like P90X.

    Portable - The three lightweight W8TRAIN Hip Bands come with a portable mesh carry bag weighing less than one pound in total so you can easily bring these bands to the gym, office, school or when traveling.

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    Add intensity to home workouts

    These bands have allowed me to add intensity to my home workouts without buying additional weights. Fantastic for squats, glute bridges, side steps, etc. Best bands I've ever used - strong, soft, and no rolling.

    Hip bands -5plus plus plus stars

    Loving the hip bands. Sturdy, they do not ride up or anything when using them.Highly recommend!

    My go to bands now

    Long story short, I think the bands feel really great and are the only hip bands I use now. The biggest thing I was looking for in hip bands was how they felt against my skin and the resistance/strength of them and it fits the bill on both ends. I've done plenty of high rep squats and leg kicks with the band around my thighs on bare skin and it never started to feel uncomfortable or chaff which was super important for me. The other biggest thing for me was the actual material of the bands. These bands are pretty wide which I actually like a lot because it distributes the force better on my skin. When I'm moving my legs around with the bands it stays in place and never bunches up like some of the thinner latex bands I've used.

    Get stronger legs!!

    I highly recommend buying these bands.. After I started using them and a variety of exercises, my legs have gotten a lot stronger. I'm happy with the results

    Fantastic product with an amazing price! Best of both worlds!

    The bands came in packaging that wasn't only pleasing to the eye but also very efficient because it came with a black net drawstring bag, which makes it perfect to take them anywhere if you need to! It comes with 3 sizes; small, medium, and large, so you get the full set instead of having to purchase a smaller size when you're ready for a more intense workout! Plus they come in the cutest colors. Not to mention the material is so comfortable to use rather than the typical rubber bands you see everywhere. 10/10 recommend to everyone!!