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Who We Are

Mission Statement:

To make weight training and fitness more effective at home or in the gym, while making access to desirable equipment and accessories affordable.

About W8TRAIN: The COVID-19 crisis of 2020 brought severe challenges to people and families worldwide. The economic hardship and loss of life is beyond words and the thoughts and prayers of the W8TRAIN staff are with everyone affected, especially our first responders, nurses, and doctors. 

Out of the hardship were smaller examples of the resolve of the human spirit. For those not severely affected, COVID-19 brought modest challenges. Challenges like how to visit with friends and family, how to help kids stay entertained and socialize, how to get groceries with limited store hours, and for those into fitness- how to strength train outside the gym.

The closure of gyms nationwide brought a jump in demand for at-home workout equipment of all kinds, including dumbbells, benches, pull up stands, resistance bands, and more. As avid gym goers ourselves, we bought whatever we could on our limited budgets to add to our home-workouts, and for equipment we already owned, we found ourselves introducing products to our friends who had never used some of these items before.

But we also ran into a challenge- finding good equipment at fair prices. There seemed to be two categories- low end equipment that was very cheap but didn’t last, or higher end equipment that worked well but was priced so high, it was out of our budget. As we discovered how fitness equipment was made, we became resolved to find good products that were also a good value. We came up empty. So we did the next best thing. We started designing our own equipment to incorporate into our weight training. And thus W8TRAIN came to be. W8TRAIN is not about weight plates, bars, or benches. Those items are readily available in fitness stores or at your local gym. We are about quality and affordable items and accessories to compliment your weight lifting journey.

Our first two product designs were resistance bands. While we had used resistance bands some before W8TRAIN, but as we incorporated them more into our home workouts we witnessed amazing results and became eager to share this with others. When our local gyms reopened, we incorporated resistance bands into gym workouts too. From stretching and mobility work to maximizing our ability to manipulate our strength curve on leg press, bench press, squats and deadlifts. We found the biggest fear of our friends was that resistance bands would snap. And in our research online, we found cheap single layer bands sometimes did just that. So we set about to create a special dual layered band, using what we call our PowerFusion bonding process. It is not just two single layers glued together, but rather bonded in such a way they form one strong and lasting band.

We have since brought to market other items and as we are still getting going, we will be offering more new products in the future.

Our promise to you is at W8TRAIN, we personally test each and every product model we carry. We only offer equipment and accessories we want to use (and do use) ourselves and feel comfortable with our friends and family using.

Drop us a line and let us know how our products are working for you, or let us know about other product ideas you might have.