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At W8TRAIN we know results in the gym come from more than just the equipment you use.  Nutrition and supplementation are fundamental aspects of health and fitness and cannot be overlooked. When you take your body to the limits you also need to put in the right fuel for performance and recovery. This is why W8TRAIN has partnered with the company TrueNutrition to bring you only the highest quality protein powders and supplements on the market. 

John has personally used TrueNutrition for his protein and supplements needs since 2013 and could not recommend a better company. TrueNutrition offers custom blends for protein and oatmeal with many different flavoring options. TrueNutrition's products are third party tested ensuring you get what you pay for. And when it comes to packaging and labeling, TrueNutrition skips all the fancy gimmicks to offer you the best prices on the market. 

Go to and use code " W8TRAIN " to save 5% on your custom protein, oatmeal or supplement order today.