Personal Coaching from W8TRAIN's John Thomas - Three Month Plan

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All people are unique, so in my coaching program all diet and training plans are tailored to the individual.

My coaching program is not a cookie-cutter or one size fits all approach. By getting the chance to meet you online and understand your goals, I custom tailor a program to meet your goals.

In our initial consultation you will express your goals and desires as well as current physical and nutritional educational level. We grow and learn together and continually make adjustments to the plan to keep you on track. I prefer to take smaller habit forming steps rather than big radical changes such as extreme calorie restriction or hours of cardio. 

My goal is to share my passion for fitness with you in an efficient and enjoyable manner. Don't misinterpret this for a lack of hard work, we will be busting our butts, in a smart and calculated manner that leads to progress not injury. 


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