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W8TRAIN PowerFusion™ HeavyW8 Dual Layer Resistance Band - Pullups and Fitness Training

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The W8TRAIN PowerFusion™ HeavyW8 dual layer resistance band is for intermediate to advanced workouts. For home gyms these bands can be used on leg dominant exercises such as squats and deadlift or for more difficult body weight movements such as assisted pull-ups. The W8TRAIN PowerFusion™ HeavyW8 resistance band truly shines in the gym. Squats, deadlifts and bench press will all greatly benefit from the incorporation of this band. 

Resistance Rating: 50 - 120 lbs.

This rating means the band will start to stretch when a load near 50 pounds is placed on the band. The band will continue to provide increased resistance until the load reaches the maximum resistance of 120 pounds at 150% of the band’s original length. 


  • Sold individually (We also offer multipacks)
  • Material: Natural Latex Rubber
  • Length: 41 in (1m)
  • Width: 1.77 in (4.50 cm)
  • Thickness: 4.5 mm
  • Seamless Dual Layer 

More About Our PowerFusion™ Dual Layer Band System

A while ago we came across an online post saying, "it doesn't matter what brand you buy, they are all the same." And you know what? Before W8TRAIN PowerFusion™, that was mostly right. Most resistance bands available are single layer elastic. Single layer elastic bands are more susceptible to breaking. They might feel okay for your first workout, but by the third or fourth you notice a difference, they have more "give". Using a special bonding process known as PowerFusion™, we fuse together two layers of bands to form one extra strong bonded layer. The fusing process is different from simple adhesive to ensure the layers hold together over time. The PowerFusion™ process gives our bands strength that will outlast and outperform the single layer bands on the market.

In the gym, you never quit. Your bands shouldn't either.

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